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Welcome to Journalism Hacks by Mohani Niza. I am a freelance journalist in my mid-thirties, based in Malaysia and mainly focusing on women's rights, religion, refugees, LGBTQ topics, mental health awareness and pop culture.

I graduated with a degree in journalism in 2011, and have been a reporter ever since, including serving as an editor of two publications. I also founded and run my own literary publication The Culture Review Mag.

Through this newsletter, I will share with you some advice, tricks and tips on how to enter the journalism industry and thrive in it. I also offer advice to mid-career journalists who want to focus on a specific niche in reporting or pivot to another area of communication altogether, such as PR or corporate communications.

I make the effort to speak to other people in the journalism industry and will feature guest interviewees from time to time. See this newsletter as my way of giving back to society and mentoring aspiring journalists.

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